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    Oast Online - Subscription

    • A library of pre recorded Pilates yoga and stretch sessions with new content added weekly
    • Mindfulness and mindset sessions
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    • Bonus live classes during lockdown

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Online and Studio Pilates

During lockdown, we are offering a fantastic online package which includes live classes, a library of pre-recorded classes and much more.

About Pilates

Pilates is an exercise method designed to elongate, strengthen and restore the body to balance. Based on an anatomical understanding of the body's muscular and skeletal systems, the Pilates teacher creates a comprehensive exercise programme for the client.

Classes will focus on specific areas whilst using exercises that integrate the whole body to re-educate and restore it to optimum muscular and skeletal function.

It is this holistic approach that sets Pilates apart from many other forms of exercise.

The Benefits

When you walk into a pilates class, focus your mind completely on your body in order to learn how to re-educate your muscles to move better. Be prepared to work hard and enjoy the wonderful benefits pilates has to offer. We have a wide range of classes available from back care, injury rehabilitation, pre and postnatal to advanced level classes which all aim to help you improve your posture, core strength, flexibility and coordination. We also offer private classes to focus specifically on you. Leave feeling refreshed, invigorated and with a better sense of wellbeing.

  • Improves your posture, alignment and muscle tone
  • Improves mobility and flexibility of the spine
  • Promotes a more efficient and supportive core
  • Complements training for athletes
  • Facilitates injury prevention and physical rehabilitation
  • Offers a safe and excellent form of exercise for ante and post-natal women
  • Alleviates aches and pains
  • Helps maintain and improve bone density
  • Offers a safe and beneficial form of exercise for a wide range of medical conditions including scoliosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.
  • Relieves stress and tension and promotes a feeling of wellbeing
  • Expands body awareness
  • Integrates mind, body and spirit
  • Improves quality of life

Pilates Classes (Pay as you go)

  • 60 mins

    Induction Class

    An introduction to the essentials and basics of Pilates as well as help to find your personal neutral spine. there is chance to practice the breathing techniques and muscle activation. These sessions also give the instructor a chance to assess you and plan any modifications you may need when coming to class.

  • 60 mins

    Mat work Class

  • 45 mins

    Equipment - group class

    These sessions use the Reformer, Cadilac, arc barrel, chair and the ladder barrel. These sessions can be for beginners or for those that want to advance their practice

  • 45 mins

    Mat Work

  • 60 mins

    Myofacial Release group class

    Trigger point muscle release using the myofascial balls, rollers and bands. This eases out all the knots and tensions that build up in the muscles.

  • 60 mins

    Equipment Class

  • 60 mins

    1:1 - Equipment

  • 60 mins

    1:1 - Mat work


  • Timetable (Pay as you go)


    12.45-1.30 - Mat work Pilates - Instructor Dan

    18.00 - 19.00 Equipment Pilates - Instructor Claire

    19.15 - 20.15 Mat work Pilates Instructor - Claire


    9.15 - 10.15 - Equipment Pilates - Instructor Sarah

    12.45 - 1.30 Mat work Pilates - Instructor Sarah

    18.00 - 19.00 Mat work Pilates - Instructor Claire

    18.15 - 19.15 Equipment Pilates - Instructor Laura

    19.30 -20.30 Equipment Pilates - Instructor Claire

    19.45 - 20.45 Mat work Pilates - Instructor Laura


    09.30 - 10.30 - Equipment Pilates - Instructor Claire

    12.45-1.30 - Equipment Pilates - Instructor Dan

    17.45 - 18.45 Equipment Pilates Instructor - Claire

    19.00 -20.00 Mat work Pilates Instructor - Claire

    19.15- 2015 Equipment Pilates Instructor - Dan


    09.00- 10.00 - Equipment Pilates - Instructor Sarah

    12.45 - 1.30 - Equipment Pilates - Instructor Sarah

    19.15 -20.15 - Mat work Pilates - Instructor Laura


    12.45 - 1.30 - Pilates Mat work - Instructor Sarah

    19.30 - 20.30 Myofascial stretch and release Instructor - Claire


    08.30 - 09.30 - Mat work Pilates - Instructor Dan

    9.00 - 9.45 - Equipment Pilates - Instructor Sarah

    10.00 - 11.00 - Equipment Pilates - Instructor Sarah

    11.15 - 12.15 - Mat work Pilates - Instructor Sarah

Meet the Instructors


Mat Work Classes

These classes cover a variety of Pilates moves from the classical moves to the clinical application of exercises. These classes are made up of exercises that use just your body and the mat as well as smaller equipment such as over balls, Dyna bands, wobble cushions, spikey balls and toning rings. All equipment is provided.

Our classes are designed with the attendees in mind so your class has been created with moves that will benefit you.

Most classes are suitable for all abilities, please discuss in your induction which class will suit you the best.

We have added some pay as you go classes for people who are unable to commit to the regular classes so there is a time and option for everyone.

Speciality Classes

We have a range of classes with specific focusses

Myofascial release trigger point Pilates

Fascia is the connective tissue that holds our body together. It's designed to move our bodies and allow the healthy function of our systems. 

Fascia is highly sensitive and can be affected by physical and emotional trauma, digestive problems, headaches, arthritis; including osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Anything that causes bodily changes can affect the fascia.

Daily movement is vital for fascia health. Myofascial release class is designed to release you facially from the inside, undoing muscular restrictions and easing chronic pain conditions. This class is for all abilities, it is a gentle approach using pilates principles to create a full-body relaxation and unwinding from stored up tensions.

Pelvic floor Pilates

The pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles at the base of the pelvis. They support the organs above them, control when urine and solid waste pass, provide sexual tone and help to keep the back and pelvis stable. 

They are voluntary muscles and should do as they are told. Just like a hand, they can be directed to squeeze and hold. 

Many adverts are promoting products that lead us to believe that pelvic floor dysfunction is normal; this is NOT the case.

Pelvic Floor Pilates is a class designed to specifically help improve the function of your pelvic floor. This class is for any age and any gender regardless of any prior issues, although if you have specific issues please discuss this with the instructor in your induction

Prenatal Pilates

Suitable for anyone after 14 weeks of pregnancy, you should gain consent from your GP/midwife/Health visitor that you are safe to do exercise. This class will focus on maintaining mobility and building strength throughout the stages of your pregnancy