Hot Stones massage

Hot Stones

Hot stones massage can help anyone suffering from muscle ache and tensions, but the added heat therapy of the stones can reduce symptoms of stress .

If you have found sports massage alone to be too tender hot stones allows the therapist to promote relaxation and then reduce muscle tension with the same manual methods of massage and trigger point.

The stone are made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat. The techniques are highly effective in both relaxation and clinical massage. The heat therapy increases blood flow along with the massage technique this can speed up recovery and realign muscle fibres. You will leave this treatment feeling refreshed in body and mind.

Hydrotherapy and deep tissue massage enables the use of both hot and cold stones for any treatment. Heat increases blood flow. Cold therapy helps relieve inflammation.

Hot Stones are available at our Sittingbourne and Sheerness clinics

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  • Rachel Coleman

    Rachel Coleman

    Sports Massage Therapist & Pilates Instructor

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  • Hannah Bratton-Smith

    Hannah Bratton-Smith

    Sports Massage Therapist

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    Price List Hot Stone Massages

    Hot Stones Massage
    £65 / 60 mins