Michelle Carlin
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Michelle Carlin

Senior Osteopath

Michelle’s experiences with her own back led her to seek osteopathic advice and treatment prior to training as an osteopath and sports massage therapist herself.

Following months of a painful and debilitating back which culminated in spinal surgery leading to pain for two and a half years and a relatively lengthy rehabilitation process, Michelle decided to swap her successful career in merchandising for finding out more about her own situation and, in the process, learning how to help others in a similar situation.

During her training, Michelle studied all aspects of the body and of the osteopathic methods most suited to individual conditions. She puts these skills to use daily while working with a variety of patients from 4 days old to nonagenarians and many in between.

That being the case, Michelle is interested in sportspeople in general and has a special interest in triathletes. The interest lies in the triple level of stresses that these individuals put themselves under when they train and compete. Therefore, making evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation is a skill that she has honed to an art.

Michelle is available for osteopathy at our Sittingbourne clinic.