Sarah Stephen

Yoga Instructor

Sarah is a Qualified British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and has been teaching for 8 years.Sarah has been very lucky to have worked with some of the most amazing teachers, training with Zoe Knott, Bob Insley, Gary Carter, Pete Blackaby, Howard Napper and Liz Lark to name a few, and she also integrates their practice methodologies into her classes. Focusing on freedom and movement in the asana practice, and incorporating the knowledge from her medical background as a midwife and nurse specialist in women's health.

The biggest change happened when Sarah met David Sye and experienced his YOGABEATS practice, it was and still is truly life changing! She uses many of his practices and methodologies, which are from Tibetan based yoga in her teaching, bringing a fun and liberating aspect to her classes, smiles on her students faces are priceless !!!...Sarah feels very privileged and excited that since 2011 she now works closely with him running Yoga Beats conflict a trust we set up to work in areas of conflict whether internal or external, the practice is very healing and releasing and they use the yoga as a tool for peace and transformation.... This has seen Sarah travel to the Middle East many times with David working at the moment predominately with the Palestinians and Israelis, bringing both sides together for a celebration of yoga and Love. They have also been touring across Palestine introducing yoga more widely across the occupied territory teaching men; women and children, but most importantly providing a continued  Yoga teacher training program to a core group of students, who have been using the skills they have learnt within their communities setting up yoga centres and becoming yoga teachers themselves , which has only been made possible because of the generous donations of yogis here and internationally, allowing the work to continue.

Recently Sarah has started teaching in High Security Male Jails on the Isle of Sheppey, working with the British Legion and SAFFA.

Sarah teaches the following class:

  • Thursday 6-7pm