Nutrition Consultations


Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy results! The body depends on quality food choices.

Are you concerned that your diet might be causing or leading to illness, fatigue, injuries, obesity, and high blood pressure?


The Nutrition Consultations will help re-educate you with healthy food choices and how simple changes in the diet can improve your mood, boost your energy levels and reduce any chances of developing any illness and injuries.



  • Each Appointment is approximately 45 min to 1 hour.
  • The client will receive two appointments.
  • Cost is £40 for the 2 appointments and £25 for an additional third appointment if the client decides to choose the Adopt Nutrition pathway.


    The appointments will constitute of the following;

    Advisor and Client meet for an Initial Consultation

Par Q and Health Questionnaire is completed.


~   Information Gathering (Diet history, past and present). Family History associated to current health conditions investigated by advisor.


Body Analysis done if applicable (Height, Weight, Measurements etc.)

~Food diary given for 3 days of documenting clients eating habits.


 Clients are requested to document their eating habits for 3 days and they should hand back the diary (electronically/manually) –Advisor will analyse the content of the diary and make notes & action accordingly the plan to be taken to adopt better choices and habits. This is done prior to the second meeting, which is then scheduled.


The Second appointment involves discussion of the current eating habits highlighted in the diaries.

The Advisor will offer changes and suggest ways of improving the diet. The second appointment will provide the client with better understanding of what a healthy diet involves and should incorporate. The client will be presented with ideas and samples of how to incorporate these changes into their daily nutrition. Questions will be answered and a conclusion of the sessions will leave the client with an action plan to improve their health and well-being through a healthy diet.


 Adopt Nutrition

An extra £25 for this appointment is applicable.


Adopt Nutrition

Extra appointment

Session 3

The client will benefit from the following –

Shopping Lists of the major supermarkets with pictures of food and ideas to pop into the weekly basket.
Healthy Ideas for a Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with snacks.
Individual advice if training for specific events 
Referral advice given for ERS, One You, Local Clubs, Sports and Groups.











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Sarah is a qualified Nutritionist who has had experience with clients from all different backgrounds with a variety of goals and targets related to diet and health. From scholars and athletes set out to improve sporting performances, to clients who just want to lose/gain weight or improve their diet. Whatever you wish to achieve, Sarah can assist with improving your health through education of healthy eating choices. You are what you eat and nutrition is the most underrated component of your physical and mental well-being! The appointments we offer at the Oasts Osteopathy will improve your mind, mood and body.